Bamboo pillows have been turning the heads of insomniacs looking to buy a pillow that is similar to a memory foam which they may not be able to afford. Bamboo pillow reviews have been overwhelmingly positive due in the market compared to other pillows. While it does seem too good to be true, it’s quite difficult to believe something until you’ve experienced it.

The benefits of having a bamboo pillow for sleeping that the pillow is made out of shredded memory foam with a bamboo viscose pillow casing. The combination of these materials helps to support the weight of the user’s head and neck, which in turn will help in a having better sleep. Bamboo pillows are beneficial to those who have allergies towards dust or if they have a breathing condition. These pillows were made to remove any harmful allergens, dust mites and fungus which will help in improving sleep by cleaning the air around you.

These pillows are much softer and denser than a memory foam pillow and are fully supportive of your body. Bamboo pillows are good for everyone and especially perfect for pregnant women whom will need constant support when they sleep. However, new users may experience a strong chemical smell that comes off from the pillow. Customers have recommended to throw new bamboo pillows into the dryer along with a dryer sheet, which will make the new pillows even fluffier and remove any traces of chemical odors.

Other than that, the best bamboo pillows have stayed true to its reviews and are actually a better alternative than normal cotton pillows. These pillows will improve your sleep and does not absorb any heat from your body which can get trapped inside the fabric like memory foam pillows do.


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