Annually, Art Dubai showcases a diverse variety of artwork from regions from not only Dubai but parts of Asia as well as the Middle East. There are a variety of art galleries that are deemed must-sees in Dubai. Among these are Artspace, Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Lawrie Shabibi, Meem Gallery and Art Sawa. This article aims to introduce readers to the three most prominent art galleries mention in the list.

Artspace, found in 2003, promotes Middle Eastern contemporary artworks. It boasts clients on an international platform, ranging from private collectors to art consultants, to interior designers as well as diplomats. With a primary goal of putting Middle Eastern art on the map, Artspace works closely with art houses globally via art consultancy Dubai offers.

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, founded in 2008 is located in the Dubai International Finance Centre.One of many prominent presenters of art, this collection expands itself via exhibitions, consultation, and education. This is done via a series of lectures and open discussions in studio spaces.

Lawrie Shabibi, established in 2011, is considered in its infancy in Dubai’s industry for contemporary art. However, it has promptly become a significant institution after actively taking part in art fairs globally. This gallery showcases a large variety of the repertoire of artists from the Northern Africa, Middle East, and South Asia. Special attention is paid to discoveries of young talent and their associated innovations.

Furthermore, Meem Gallery is a prominent favorite among elites such as hotel Art consultant, Teriha Yaegashi. This gallery features artists such as Mahmoud Obaidi, an Iraqi-Canadian artist whose first solo exhibition in Dubai was presented.

In the art consultancy Dubai offers, it can be seen that gallery who have established themselves as the premiere of contemporary art has attracted a majority of art consultants worldwide. Artwork Dubai offers not only boasts cutting-edge innovations but has made waves in the contemporary scenes.


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