Cycling has been a popular way to get yourself into a healthier lifestyle. Instead of using cars, commuting to work with a bike is a common option these days as it is easier to beat the heavy traffic. But if you are looking to use your bike to run errands or do grocery shopping, consider getting some proper gear to keep your balance as you travel.

Depending on the amount of load you need to carry, avoid wearing a cross-body messenger bag as this will cause stress to your shoulders. Instead, use a backpack or a pannier bag. Pannier bags are attached to the rear rack of the bike and are a great way to store items after grocery shopping as they don’t add weight to your back. You could check out for a road bike that is capable of handling the weight of both bags without getting too worn down. Other than that, a backpack is a good choice for cycling with as they distribute the weight between your shoulders. The only downside of wearing a backpack as you cycle is you might have a soaked sweaty back on a warm day.

Other options for smaller items includes a handlebar bag that attaches is attached to the bike handlebar for storing small items. It is available with a waterproof, clear pocket for you to place your map or shopping list as you cycle.

Be sure to be constantly aware of the safety of your bike and yourself. Always lock your bike with a secure lock whenever you need to make a stop. Don’t leave your gear behind on an unattended bike as this is just an invitation for an open bike for thieves. And of course, don’t neglect to wear a helmet, safety is always a priority when you’re out cycling on the road.


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